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At the core of The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer are the DIMs and SIMs – understanding them, confronting them, conquering them, converting them and seeking them.

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Thank you for joining the DIM SIM community. We know that DIMs and SIMs are as unique as you are, and we also know that they hide in hard to find places. The DIM SIM community has been created to inspire, challenge and assist you. Share your DIMs and SIMs at the Community website and join the growing number of people who are on the journey to master their personal pain formula, knock off powerful DIMs, and gather rich and varied SIMs.

Whether you have a picture shared on this page or are just visiting, you are already part of something unique – something that has never been done before and something that we are confident will grow as the Explain Pain Revolution continues. Having read The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer, you’re already a DIM SIM expert. You know how we each make pain, based on your personal pain formula, as well as how to use the power of DIMs and SIMs to reduce your pain.

Sharing your SIMs with the rest of the world will motivate others to look for SIMs in their own life and uncover SIMs that might be hiding right in front of them. From the simple pleasures of eating food that you have grown yourself, to the realisation of a dream to travel, the SIM images captured here each tell a story of personal safety, comfort and certainty, that will encourage others.

You can use the community to explore the dangers in your life and find out what others consider to be DIMS. There might be some suprises. There will also be DIMs that you really want to let go. Sharing them here at the community is a powerful way to tell yourself and the world that they are no longer a danger in your life.

Send us your DIM or SIM

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Sharing your DIMs or SIMs is easy, simply attach them to an email addressed to dimsim@noigroup.com and include the following information:

We welcome all submissions, however we may not be able to publish every photo we receive. Please keep in mind that if you send us a photo and we publish it, the image will be available publicly. Images sent to dimsim@noigroup.com may be used for promotional purposes.