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The Explain Pain Handbook distils the latest in neuroimmune pain science into an easily accessible book for patients and introduces the ‘Protectometer’ - a ground breaking pain treatment tool.

Explain Pain Handbook Protectometer

Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer

The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer is the latest step in the Explain Pain Revolution from the authors who really started the revolution over a decade ago with the original and best selling book Explain Pain.

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Explain Pain 2nd Edition

Over a decade ago, Explain Pain began a revolution in the treatment of pain - Explain Pain Second Edition continues to be the leading resource for pain sufferers, clinicians and therapists wanting to gain a deep understanding of pain. With the publication of The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer, Explain Pain has never been more relevant and has been tightly integrated with our new book with extensive referencing throughout the Handbook.

Hard Copy eBook Audiobook

Meet 'Sarah-Bella' Poster

We invite you to spend some time with Sarah-Bella discovering your personal pain story and ideas for treatment that will give you hope and enable you to reduce your pain and get back to life. This high quality, plasticoated A1 sized poster can be used in waiting areas to attract attention and make a statement, in treatment rooms as a powerful educational aide and even in your home as a unique talking point.

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Protectometer iOS APP
exclusive to iPad

Pain occurs when there is more credible evidence of danger to your body than there is credible evidence of safety. Using this knowledge, we have developed The Protectometer, a revolutionary device that allows you to understand and treat your pain by mapping out all the different factors affecting your unique pain experience, and developing a custom made treatment plan.

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Handbook: Protectometer Refills

Every copy of The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer comes with a complete Protectometer and a pack of custom made, colour coded Protectonotes so that you can immediately start work on understanding and treating your pain. However if you run out we’ve got you covered with Protectonote refill packs. Each pack contains all 8 colours of Protectonote and a Noi Pencil so you need never run out.

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